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Events for 2020

COVID-19 outbreak and recovery

The unprecedented challenges facing members and their organisations to maintain customer satisfaction, retain customer support and prepare their organisations for recovery from the COVID-19 crisis has brought a new urgency to get customer experience right.  With the postponement of major events like the Conferenz customer summit, and limitations on what we can do in-person, we have all been taking on new skills in Zoom Meeting and other remote working tools.

So during this time, please remember that all our members, experts and helpers are still available to help with your customer experience needs in any way they can.  Please get in touch if you or your organisation have a particular challenge and we will be very happy to search through our contacts for a solution.


Workshops hosted by cemNZ

If there is a topic you would like to see addressed in the future, either online or in person (when we can), please let us know.