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Adopting a customer-driven framework for
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1-Day Masterclass: (Various dates and locations throughout 2018)


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Wherever you are on the “customer experience” journey, the challenge is how to turn “CX”, or “CEM”, from being just another passing popular term or new job title, into a strategic enterprise-wide agent for business improvement and change.

Of those organisations that set out along the journey of customer experience enlightenment, many only reach half-way.  Those that embark on a CX or CEM journey, without a clear strategic objective and roadmap, run the risk of wasting vast amounts of time and money chasing yet another trendy three letter acronym. 

Now, more than ever, organisations must build a customer-driven enterprise that can remove barriers to business, seek out and fix the problems that customers experience, excel at service delivery and outperform their competition.

CTMAnzThis one-day CTMA masterclass draws from more than 20 years experience working with major organisations in New Zealand, Europe and the United States, to help them turn their customer experience vision into a customer experience reality.  It presents a series of frameworks, blueprints and guides to help you achieve these goals too.

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