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Welcome to this special member area of our website where we are building a library of tips, tools, techniques and knowledge to help members achieve their customer experience management vision.  Our collection of knowledge articles currently includes topics under the following categories:


StrategyCX strategy and vision


PeopleManaging and motivating people


PerformanceMeasuring and managing performance

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Customer experience strategy and vision

The Growing Scope of CEM

By Paul Linnell, CTMA New Zealand Ltd

CEM is unifying enterprise effort into a common goal to drive success by making it easy for customers and staff to do business.


The Cost of Poor Service

By Paul Linnell, CTMA New Zealand Ltd

Measuring the financial impact of poor service is a fundamental first step in obtaining corporate buy-in for investment in customer experience management.


Service Management Challenges

By Paul Linnell, CTMA New Zealand Ltd

Reconciling the challenge from internal pressure to reduce costs while customers become more sophisticated with increased expectations.


What is a Customer Experience?

By Chris Bell, Customer Experiences Ltd

What is customer experience and when are we done working on it?


Developing Business Excellence

By Chris Bell, Customer Experiences Ltd

Striving to be the best at what they do has been a focus for many organisations and I would like to think that the goal of being the very best continues to be the focus for both individuals and the organisations they represent.


Seven Vital Questions to Customer Experience Development

By Chris Bell, Customer Experiences Ltd

There is no doubt that most business leaders are aware of the value a high quality customer experience could add to their business , in fact in a recent survey 80 percent of executives said they understood the benefits, however...



Managing and motivating people

Front-line customer service training

By Chris Bell, Customer Experiences Ltd

How to get lasting benefits from front-line training using a six-step approach to customer experience development.


Leading a customer focused business

By Chris Bell, Customer Experiences Ltd

Compelling customer experiences begin and end with leadership. Here are some tips to help develop an employee and customer focused culture.


The Single Most Important Factor for Business Success

By Chris Bell, Customer Experiences Ltd

Let me share with you the single most important factor for business success.



Measuring and managing performance

Turning CE Measurements into CE Management Actions

By Paul Linnell, CTMA New Zealand Ltd

Satisfaction scores and indices may look great on a chart, but how do you turn customer experience measurements into management actions?