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Directory of helpers and resources

Our directory of resources, subject matter experts, and providers of products and services to the customer care industry may help you find the support you need in your quest for customer excellence.  We currently have entries in the following categories:


ConsultantAdvisors and consultants


TrainerTraining providers


CoursesTraining courses




MeasurementCustomer feedback and measurement

Member suggestions

If there are products and services you have used and would like to recommend we add to the directory, please let us know via the contact page. Sections we are hoping to add in the future include technology, recruitment and outsourcing. If you provide products or services to customer care and customer experience professionals and you would like to advertise in the cemNZ directory, please get in touch.

Tips on selecting service providers

When selecting advisors, consultants, trainers and other service providers, get to know them and understand their individual strengths and how they can help you and your organisation be more successful.

It is also helpful to distinguish between “generalists” – who can help with a wide range of business activities, and “specialist” – who provide their real value in a specific area of expertise.

Don’t be afraid to ask them what they do best – and what they don’t do. This can help you hire the one (or ones) that best match your needs.  Getting the right help, at the right time, can make a significant difference to the success of your organisation, your customers and your staff.


Advisors and consultants

Chris BellChris Bell

Turning the voice of the customer into management actions

The quality of the customer experience an organisation consistently delivers will ultimately determine the long-term success of that business. It’s a strategy that influences every part of a company.

Great customer experiences grow customer loyalty and loyalty leads to more word of mouth recommendations, the most powerful form of advertising.

As a professional speaker and customer experience designer I powerfully demonstrate using successful New Zealand organisations how embracing the customer experience strategy is used to create and grow a sustainable competitive advantage, in a world where competitive advantages are copied everyday.


View Chris Bell's profile on LinkedInChris Bell • Customer Experiences Ltd • Taupau • (027) 279 2360 •

Paul LinnellPaul Linnell

Paul Linnell is a customer service champion.  His passion is helping organisations achieve business success through customer-driven quality and service improvement.

Over a period of more than 20 years, Paul has built a unique set of valuable skills specialising in the design and deployment of customer experience management, service quality improvement, customer service and voice of the customer programmes.

For most of his career he has worked in Europe and North America. Since founding the service quality improvement firm, CTMA New Zealand Ltd in 2002, he has been based in New Zealand, and continues to serve clients globally in a wide range of industries from Airlines to Local Government and from Automotive to Financial Services.

Paul is a regular speaker and conference chair and has spoken at numerous customer service conferences, seminars, industry forums and workshops in the UK, Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

View Paul Linnell's profile on LinkedInCTMA New Zealand Ltd • Auckland • (09) 414 6212 •


Training providers

Bats IncBats Inc Ltd

Bats Inc Ltd was formed in 2007 to provide consultancy in learning and organisational change with a focus on ensuring effective transfer of learning to the workplace.

Bats Inc Ltd provides a range of services in learning and development including management and design. We also provide specialised consultancy and training in knowledge communication and customer relationships. This is based around a novel concept called Customers as Learners™ which enables the creation of value through knowledge relationships with customers. .

Bats Inc Ltd • 17 Beach Rd • Mellons Bay • Auckland • (09) 535 6445 •

Learning PlanetLearning Planet Ltd

Affordable learning to the world

Learning Planet is a resource library of over 50 hours of learning in soft skills techniques covering sales, services and leadership.

Rather than an end-to-end course it is a dip in and dip out resource library when staff require information or up-skilling at their fingertips for “just in time” solution.

Sign up for a demonstration log in today and discover what other users are raving about!.



Learning Planet Ltd • Albany • Auckland • 021 689 953 or 021 337 245 •

Rapid ResultsRapid Results Ltd

Contact Centre training firm with areas of expertise include customer service, sales, leadership, communication, difficult customers and more.


Rapid Results Ltd • 4a Te Kea Place • Albany • Auckland • (09) 447 1994 •


Training courses

Customers As LearnersCustomers as Learners™

How do you plan to stay ahead of your competition?

Utilising resources you already have, Customers as Learners™ enables you to deliver superior value. Value only you can offer.

Almost every customer will need to learn something in order to successfully use a product or service.  Most businesses are missing this value creation opportunity.  The double tragedy is that, although the greatest resource any organisation has is the knowledge of its people, too often they do not have the ability to communicate their knowledge effectively.

A Customers as Learners™ programme will unlock the potential value of your people’s knowledge by making it accessible to customers. Visit our website to find out more.

Bats Inc Ltd • 17 Beach Rd • Mellons Bay • Auckland • (09) 535 6445 •



101 Training Activities & How to Run Them

By: Derek Good and Craig McFadyen

101 Training ActivitiesIf you are a people manager, trainer, coach or just someone who has to engage people this book is for you.

“101 Training Activities & How to Run Them” has been designed with over 30 years joint training experience by two corporate trainers who know how hard it can be to keep teams and groups engaged.  Whether you are looking to spice up your training courses, energise your team meetings, raise team morale or simply have some fun with your teams this book will help you achieve that.

Each activity has a consistent format and is broken down into categories to make it quick and easy for you to find the one that will suit your needs.  Activities range from full-on team building and communication activities down to quick fun energisers you can do on the spot.  With each activity carefully chosen and laid out to ensure you have maximum opportunity of success, we have also ensured you won’t break the bank by needing lots of expensive or complicated materials to run these activities.  You may not have the time or budget to run full blown training courses but by using this book there is nothing stopping you from creating more engagement, energy and fun with your teams or groups.


The Brain Based BossThe Brain-Based Boss

By: Terry Williams • Publisher: Thomson Reuters • ISBN: 978-0-86472-788-6

By unleashing the secrets of the brain in the workplace, leaders will be able to develop an engaged and high performance workforce. The book is research based, and the author draws on over one hundred academic books and studies. However it is written in an entertaining, informative, yet practical format designed to provide leaders with motivational tools that they can actually apply in their workplaces to create an environment that is conducive to employee self motivation. The book gives leaders 5 principles through which they can create such an environment.

The author, Terry Williams, is a professional speaker and trainer who has twenty years experience as a corporate trainer and a working lifetime as a manager and seller of products, services and ideas.


Customers as LearnersCustomers as Learners

By: Lab Wilson • Publisher: Nahanni Publishing

Customer as Learners will help you proactively manage your customers’ experience of whatever it is you are offering them. Whether you are selling photocopiers or performing surgery on their brains, being able to share your knowledge will not only help you explain your value proposition but also improve customer outcomes as they learn how to extract that value.

This book explains why so many people with expertise have difficulty sharing it and what to do about it. It tackles issues that have sprung up in a world of increasing specialization and exploding knowledge about nearly everything.

SellSell! - Tall tales from the legends of New Zealand Advertising

By: Hazel • Publisher: Penguin Group (NZ) • ISBN: 978-0-143-56841-4

Back in the 1890s, being an ad man in New Zealand was a simple case of placing an ad in the paper on behalf of a client.  By the 1980s, it was a golden ticket to an exclusive club of fast cars, big bucks and bad behaviour.

Sell! takes you on a wild ride through the history of New Zealand advertising and its larger-than-life personalities – from selling the suburban fantasy to power games, overnight acquisitions, lunatic capers and the iconic Kiwi ads that reached giddy heights on the world stage.

Legends of the local ad scene recall the glory days of big budgets and bigger egos, and tell the stories behind New Zealand’s best-loved campaigns, including the Fernleaf family, Spot the dog and the infamous Bugger ad.

A tale of creativity and ingenuity as much as it is of indulgence, Sell! will inspire anyone who’s ever wanted to carve their own destiny in the face of the disapproving establishment.


Customer feedback and measurement

CTMA New ZealandCTMA New Zealand Ltd

Turning the voice of the customer into management actions

We believe that customers are one of best sources of insight for innovation and business improvement. Our job is to help organisations capture that insight and then turn it into management actions.

CTMA is a customer experience and service quality improvement firm that provides a range of consulting, evaluation and customer experience measurement services to help organisations build loyalty and advocacy by improving service to customers.

CTMA helps organisations discover and prioritise the problems their customers experience and find out why loyalty and advocacy may be at risk.

CTMA New Zealand Ltd • PO Box 35-444 • Browns Bay • Auckland • (09) 414 6212 •

Customer feedback channel

TellSimon is a turn-key customer experience feedback channel that provides customers with an easy-to-remember place to go on the Internet to tell companies about their experiences doing business with them.

It can make it easy for your customers to contact you and give you the insights you need to succeed.

It is a cost-effective way for your customers to:

For more information about how TellSimon could be helping you learn from your customers please contact CTMA New Zealand Ltd.

CTMA New Zealand Ltd • PO Box 35-444 • Browns Bay • Auckland • (09) 414 6212 •